A New Renaissance

Through out the past few years, we have witnessed the birth of new words and phrases. Lyrics to new songs, that we as humans are learning to sing. These melodies, are defining a new era; vocals, still unknown or unclear to many.

Sustainability has been on the whispering lips of many, as of late. A new paradigm shift is occurring – it is a state of creation, stewardship, light, and coexistence. It is movement from a place of sustainability to a place of regeneration.

To reference regenerative, it constitutes continuously moving towards a higher place of being – shedding what no longer serves us, and seeking a sentient state of mind.

Owning the empowerment, that we all have the capacity to make a collective difference in this movement. It is the initial step in moving to place of natural and altruistic regeneration. The significance of this very time and place is this opportunity, where we respect ourselves, each other, and have an understanding that translates to our respect for the natural world.

We begin to take responsibility for ever facet of our life. The steps of conservation that lead to preservation become integrated into our being, no longer stemming from guilt, but rather from passion.

We feel a sense of meaning and understanding. The simple gestures in life gain momentum, as the frivolities of the day begin to dissipate.

Subtleties begin to emerge internally and perception awakens!

Awareness for the seasons, the cycles of the moon and the spirit of life, infiltrates our souls. We begin to take note of nature and use her perfection, as a model for life. We use this opportunity to emerge into the person that we recognize – the mirror between life and translucence becomes lucid.

This new dawning builds communities, strengthens families and empowers its citizens. We are working to rebuild our culture. A culture, that has suffered, and is ready to succumb and regenerate itself to represent dignity while leaving its mark on history and mankind.

This new dawning is being referred to in many ways, and in many words. The reality is, that it is an era that will lead the way like no other movement ever has.
It will encompass our existence, our economics, our state of affairs and our existence.

This is a time when we move from being sustainable to regenerative in ever capacity of our being.

© Copyright and Property of Astrid Design Studio 2008


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