TV Killed The Radio

Statistically, in the United States, Americans watch an estimated 147 hours of television per month!  That equates to 6 days, watching TV for 24 hours!

How is it that we are spending 1/5 of our month doing such a meaningless activity?  Yes, we are learning about the latest bachelors, the secrets of stars and who the latest idols are, but really … does this truly add any value to our lives?

I beg to differ.

In recent decades, manufacturers and advertising firms have been working diligently to make their fantasy … our current reality –
TV’s everywhere!

Why does our society find the need to have the latest tragedy bombarding us as we pump our gas, deposit money in the bank or buy our groceries?

This is an absurd direction and over sensationalist approach to injecting fear, while having the need to add distractions to our daily lives.

Have we become that disconnected with ourselves and each other that we are now being forced to watch what is considered “The News” instead of sparking up a casual conversation with our fellow neighbors?

Or worst off, numbing our opportunity for thinking.

This is about the addiction Americans have to an unknown dependence – Television.

In the past couple of years, televisions have gone from just the hospital waiting room to being installed just about everywhere – from airport lobbies, city buses to the back seat of our cars and even our children’s bedrooms.

Since when have we become so obsessed with background noise?

Because in reality, and in many cases, that is the purpose that it serves – white noise.   And, if thats the case – what ever happened to listening to some classic jazz whispering through our homes instead of the breaking news?

It is the need for our society to simply – STOP, and look around at the reality that is happening and begin to question versus moving forward with the herd mentality.

In some revolutionary thought process of mine, I am compelled to think that it is rather Fascist to have all these televisions everywhere.

Why not spend that excess money on projects that really matter to our community versus try to stunt our critical thinking?

How  did things get so out of control and so out of touch?

In this technology age we live in, we all feel like we are even more in touch with each other, more than we have ever been on a global level with accessibility at our finger tips.  Perhaps, but it is also the first time that we are also so out of touch with ourselves and our surroundings.
There used to be a time when life actually passed us a bit more slowly … and that time was not too far away either.

These days you cannot see a child without their portable video games, WII, playstation or playing games such as Rockband.   Worst   of all, there is a huge following with these games amongst adults as well.  I have read the justifications, with these games – that you are active, you move around, it stimulates your mind  … etc.

Perhaps all this is true, but the reality is, we are still spending 147 hours of our month in front of the tube – its a statistic that we need to wrap our brains around and take control of the situation.

Year after year the technology gets fancier, the TV’s get thinner and more sleek, and we are being pushed to buying the latest and the greatest.

My question to is, is it bringing you more happiness?  Have the days of being outside really become a thing of the past?

Now more than ever we are being bombarded by advertising more than we ever have.  Currently we see 3000 ads per day, more than anyone in the 50’s ever saw in one year.

This coming year, will mark a historical time in our television history when everything does Digital versus Analog – it will no longer be TV, but DTV.  After this phenomenon, what will be next?  Innovation is constantly occurring, yet what is in store for us, may it begin to help develop us more as individuals versus voyeuristic coach potatoes.

When television emerged just a mere fifty or so years ago, it brought hope, innovation and progression … and unknowingly, a crude addiction.  Life was simple in those days, TV filled the needs of the American people – it brought entertainment and information.

There is nothing wrong with that – its when we start filling in our down time with it, when we isolate ourselves in it or when we use it to entertain our children instead of them exploring their infinite creativity.

I stopped watching TV over 10 years ago.  I disconnected my cable and realized that there is a whole world out there – waiting to be tapped.  I encourage you to rediscover your hobbies, your past times – the things that bring you true happiness and fulfillment.  You will be amazed how much more time you have, and best of all get a kick out of peoples’ reactions when you inform them you don’t watch TV!


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