Another Reason to Eat Organic

img_3732A friend of mine worked for a financial PR firm for an organic fruits and vegetables company based on the Mainland China called Chaoda. They were experiencing explosive business growth in 2004.

Traditionally, the Chinese who were wealthy would import all of their fruits and vegetables from Japan and other SE Asian countries. Chaoda was one of the only native players in the organic farm business providing a local alternative to this necessary practice, hence their profitability.

Why do you ask do the affluent native Chinese import?

Because their own commercially grown produce is so laden with pesticides as to be deemed by the educated class as being toxic and haphzardous to one’s health.

Where do you ask that many of those state farm grown veggies wind up?

Answer: As marinated and canned vegetables in private label grocery store chains in the US, often manufactured by middle men so as to make the country of origin of this food impossible to track.

Very little transparency here. Scary and even more convoluted when the foodstuffs are finished products that have several ingredients such as infants formula or dog food, by way of example.

Another great reason to support your local farmer’s markets,  grow and can your own food.

Be discerning with what you feed yourself and your family!


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