Earth Hour Los Angeles

earthhourOn March 28th – the world will go dark, in the name of taking action for global warming.

Although the gesture may appear to be a subtle one, it speaks in volumes.

Few people realize that the simple action, of turning their lights off, eliminates CO2 from being emitted into the atmosphere.

Earth Hour was founded two years ago in Australia.  This year, it is expected that half a billion people will participate throughout the world, in addition to, eight flagship cities including, our City of Angels.  A total of 800 cities in 80 countries will be officially participating.

Imagine, by this simple act, spread across the world,  millions of tons of CO2 will be prevented from entering our atmosphere – proving, that collectively we can make a big difference!

Street artist, Shepard Fairey, designed a very Russian Avant Gard-esque poster for this years’ event, encouraging everyone to vote by turning their lights off!

It is a remarkable, yet effortless, motion that will begin in Fiji at 8:30 p.m on March 28, and it will last one hour. The initial commencement will create a wave, that will be seen throughout the world.  Earth Hour, is the movement that joins forces with cities, schools, neighborhoods and individuals to make a stand against climate change.

Earth Hour is a symbolic gesture that it meant to send a visual message to our elected officials to encourage them to take a concerted action on climate change.

Turn Out.   Take Action.

Earth Hour LA and the World Wild Life Fund, has municipalities, organizations and its citizens, involved in by encouraging the city to continue with your life – simply in the dark, for one hour.  Thousands of Angelinos will Dine by Candlelight, where restaurants, hotels and bars will join Earth Hour by committing to dim their lights, and host by candlelight.  Musical performances will go acoustic and theater performances will be in the dark!

About 100 buildings & iconic venues will be turning out the lights in joining this global revolution.   The culmination of this event is at the Nokia Plaza at L.A. LIVE, where the Staples Center, The Los Angeles Convention Center and the Nokia Plaza will go dark in celebration – see you there!

One Hour

One Community

One Planet


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