Why Eco Hipsters are saying NO to the latest trend in Jeans


As the fashion forward mavens that we are, we also choose to keep our philosophies on our backs, literally.  We not only tout organic and vintage threads, but we also are aware of the practices that some fashion labels are doing in the name of style.

This season stone wash jeans are in … and they are all the rage!  Little do people know what it takes to create this look.  It is actually quite toxic and energy intensive to produce soft jeans with that accidentally bleached look.

In the production process of manipulating fabrics to attain that distressed look and feel, manufacturers are going to great lengths to keep up with the industry.  Even if it requires compensating with an environmental impact.

There have been reports of environmental poisoning from the toxic run-off from factories that are distressing and stonewashing denim jeans.  This run off is usually laden in blue dye, chemicals such as sulfur, caustic soda and hydrocyanic acid, a close relative of cyanide as well as large quantities of potassium permanganate, a chemical once used to induce abortion.

Using the technique to soften jeans with a washed look takes 5 gallons of water and about the amount of electricity one would use in a day.  Does not sound like too much, but why not take advantage that we have the resources to make products that do not take the integrity of nature for granted.

Conventional cotton, being one of the most pesticide laden crops in the United States, destroys the soil, water quality and bio-diversity.  Consumers purchasing these products are also inadvertently effecting their own health by exposing themselves to these chemicals that are embedded in their clothes.

Support fairtrade and organic cotton when you have the opportunity, or better yet – buy vintage!

Perhaps, we are being a bit ecocentric to take our ethics in the name of fashion.  The fact of the matter is, this is what we are about, truly living within the integrity of everything we do, eat and wear!

Oh, and by the way, stone washed is so 80’s anyways … lets create a new style!


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