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Salmon Protection in Sonoma County


The WATER Institute web video, Your Salmon Creek, is available with some amazing underwater footage of habitat restoration and rehabilitation.

This is a, below-the-scenes, look at the historic reintroduction of the endangered Coho Salmon to the Salmon Creek Watershed in Sonoma County, CA.  Experts reveal, why Coho are disappearing, and why you should care…

Watch to see how protecting your home, your land and your family can improve your environment and the endangered species in your area.

Know and protect your watershed today!

What is a watershed?

A watershed is an area of land that catches rainfall and other precipitation and funnels it into a marsh, stream, river, lake or groundwater. There is a direct link between what we do on the land and the health of our watersheds and the quality of the water in our waterways. Those watersheds that are forested offer a wide array of benefits. Healthy urban and rural forested watersheds absorb rainfall and snow melt, slow storm runoff, recharge aquifers, sustain stream flows, filter pollutants from the air and runoff before they enter the waterways; and provide critical habitat for fish and wildlife. In addition, forested watersheds provide abundant recreational opportunities, help support local economies, provide an inexpensive source of drinking water, and improve the quality of our lives.

Through the use of forests and forestry practices applied on a watershed basis, we can provide cumulative water quality benefits and offer low cost, long term solutions to many of the nation’s nonpoint source pollution problems.