Astrid Design Studio

[Eco]Interior Design

We are a full service interior design firm with projects ranging from singular spaces, to full-scale remodels, and new construction. We view projects in a holistic manner; taking into account fundamental elements and incorporating them seamlessly to create a space that not only reflects the integrity of the architecture but also echoes the aesthetic of the clients’ innate style.

Our mission is to encompass sustainable components and innovation in design and technology to create efficient and beautiful spaces.


Our consulting encompasses residential as well as commercial spaces.  We incorporate sustainable practices into every day lives by observing current ways of living or working and creating a customized platform that would save money, improve indoor air quality, provide energy, water efficiency and educate client(s) through the entire process.

We create a Green Marketing Portfolio, which not only include the benefits of an [Eco]Consultation, but also builds a public record for marketing and sales perspectives.


We are a resource for contractors, builders and architects pursuing green standards -while serving residential, commercial, and corporate arenas.

We have the resources available to conduct proper investigations of product(s) and/or theories and studies for projects.  We have the capacity to lead design charettes for builders and architects.


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